Friday, 3 October 2014

The Surprise Birthday Plan

So it was my boyfriends birthday almost two weeks ago and I'm so bad at choosing presents that I still hadn't gotten him a gift - up until 2 hours ago. Bad girlfriend award.. I know. To make up for it, I've bought him TWO gifts (yes, yes I know it's not about the quantity but I feel terrible) and have decided to take him out for a whole day to just spend time with each other (lucky him.. right?).

I've decided to make a great event out of it: I'm going to pick him up in the morning and take him to a grassy hill beside the lake for a lunchtime picnic - it's currently Spring where I live so the days are stunning and just warm enough to lie in the sun without getting burnt to a crisp. I'm going to prepare some banana nut muffins (see above: hopefully they turn out the same), peppermint slice (his favourite) and some tuna pasta that we used to eat ALL the time when we first started dating. Where I live there's a flower show every Spring with tons of activities so I'm going to take him there and just wonder around.

The gifts won't arrive until a couple weeks time, but hopefully he'll enjoy this and the gifts will seem like an extra bonus! Ha.. tactics, you see!


  1. I find men so hard to buy gifts for! Having a nice day out is always a better option, especially with nice things that mean something to you both, like the tuna pasta you always used to have.
    Those banana nut muffins sound like a great idea. I love banana and peanut butter on toast so these muffins sound like something I'd love